Company Secretarial

Entrepreneurship is the back-bone of any economy, more so-over, the tax that the Government receive from the income generated. Many entrepreneur have found that the most effective way of reducing tax in South Africa is by establishing a Private Company and utilizing  the Micro or Small Business reduced tax initiatives.

Our dedicated Company Secretarial team does however understand that your decision to register a company was not taken lightly, it is therefor why they are the best in what they do. They keep up to date with current legislative and CIPC regulations, they conduct research and utilize the latest technology in order to speed-up the process, and most importantly, they take into account the magnitude of your life-changing decision, ensuring that they guide you every step of the way.

Company Registration Package

  • Name Reservation

  • Private Company Registration

  • Income Tax Number Verification

  • Efiling Registration

  • Share Certificate Issuance 

  • Standard Memorandum of Incorporation Agreement (MOI)


Company Registration Package

  • NPO Registration

  • Company Registration

  • Name Reservation

  • Defensive Name Reservation

  • Company/CC amendments

  • Conversion of CC to Company

  • De-Registration of Company/CC

  • Restoration of Company/CC

  • Request of CIPC Certificates/Documents

  • Annual CIPC Return

  • Share Certificates

  • Share Register

  • Meeting Minutes/Resolutions

  • Pubic Officer/Representative