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Get your Tax done by a Master Tax Practitioner!

As the old saying goes: “Nothing is certain in life, except death and taxes.” We add to this by saying that although it is certain just as you plan for the well being of your loved ones at death, let us help you effectively plan and efficiently structure your taxes, helping you to also look after the well being of your loved ones while you are still alive.



The understanding and calculation of business and individual taxes have always been a general add-on by Accounting service providers, but one should understand that Tax is legislative driven; and to ensure that the best and most effective structure is applied, you need the assistance of a legislative tax specialist. That is what makes our tax team unique, you do not pay more than what you used to for such services, but you are able to access specialized tax services and advice from our own Tax Advocate and the Master Tax Practitioners team. The sit on various Industry Boards, have been published in several magazines, and were invited speakers at numerous events, including the NSBC Annual Business Expo. Why not use the best tax team for your business?

Monthly Tax Return Package

  • Annual Private Company Tax Returns (IT14)

  • Tax Clearance Certificates

  • Uploading of Supporting Documents to SARS

  • SARS Audit verification assistance

  • VAT Returns

  • Individual Tax Returns for each Director of a Company that is a client of ours.


Company Tax

  • Income Tax

  • IT14 Income Tax Return (Complete & Submit)

  • IT14 Income Tax Return (Calculations)’

  • Verify Income Tax Assessment

  • Assist With SARS Queries Or Audit

  • Nil Income Tax Return

  • Provisional Tax Return (Complete & Submit)

  • Provisional Tax Return (Calculate)


  • VAT Registration​

  • Income Tax Registration (Individuals and Companies)

  • Turnover Tax Registration

  • E-filing Registration (On our profile)

  • Payroll tax Package

  • PAYE

  • UIF Registration (SARS & Department of Labour)

  • SDL Registration

  • COIDA Registration

  • VAT Registration

  • Import/Export Registration

Other Compliance and Advisory

  • Tax Clearance Certificate Application

  • Tax Directive

  • Dispute (Individual Admin Penalty)

  • Dispute or Appeal (E-filing)

  • Suspension Of Payment

  • Voluntary Disclosure Assistance

  • Foreign Tax Clearance Certificate

  • E-filing Profile Support

  • Tax Opinion

  • Tax/Payroll Benefit Policies

  • Contractor Classification Guideline and Implementation