Pay-As-You-Trade (PAYT™)


We have a passion to help you focus on your passion, that is why we have developed the unique Pay-As-You-Trade (PAYT™) package.


This is the award-winning flexible financial solution that you have been waiting for! It is based on the principle of "when you're good, we're good". We therefor invest in your Business, adjusting our price to your Business' training performance monthly. So when you have a bad/slow month, we help you by decreasing our fees automatically, but you still receive the basis of our specialized and professional service. Then, when you grow or experience a good month, our fees grows gradually with you, so we naturally do all we can to help you grow as we now have a direct and unique interest in your Business!

So how does it work and what is included? 


PAYT™ includes all of the following:


Bookkeeping Services

  • Dedicated Consultant

  • We provide you with an Accounting Software

  • We reconcile each transaction in your bank statements, invoices and expenses monthly

  • Access to the Supremacy Expense App

  • We process all your Cashbook and Debtors & Creditors

  • BEE Certificate (EME only)

  • CIPC Annual Return

Tax Services

  • Dedicated Tax consultant

  • Assistance with Tax Planning & Structuring

  • Monthly tax estimates

  • Compiling and submitting all of your business Income Tax Returns (ITR14 & Provisional Returns

  • Compiling and submission of CIPC annual return

  • Tax Clearance Certificate renewals Compiling of Annual Financial Statements

  • Compiling and submission of VAT Returns

  • BBEEE Certificate (EME only)

  • Compile and submit Personal Income Tax Returns of a director

  • Tax Clearance Certificate

Payroll Services

  • Monthly Payroll for up to 3 employees (more than 3 employees will result in an additional cost)

  • Compile & Submit PAYE, UIF & SDL returns to SARS and the Department of Labour

  • Compile & submit annual COID returns to the compensation fund

  • Payroll Software fees included

Please provide us with your details below to download the pricing example:

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