With over 55 years of combined Payroll Experience, we'd say you are in good hands!

When you were (or perhaps still are) an employee, imagine being told that you have to wait a few days after pay day for your salary due to technical or other issues encountered with the payroll? The bank does not wait with their debit orders, and a missed payment severely affects the credit score. This is the type of financial and reputational risk that can be completely avoided by using the correct service providers with the right expertise.


Managing an effective and accurate payroll takes much more than just using any software with any user, as the effective management does not lie in the monthly run, but lies in the capability of correctly handling an error on the system; a new SARS change; new Tax legislative; incorrect payment and any other issues that can regularly come up without prior notice or guidance. Our team is Internationally renowned for their payroll expertise, they sit on various Industry boards and work closely with SARS in respect of future payroll changes. As payroll is the biggest expense in most companies’ financials, it therefore holds the biggest reputational and operating risk for a Company. Trust our passionate team of payroll expertise in accurately managing your payroll, ensuring complete compliance with SARS and Department of Labour.

Monthly Payroll Package
Other Services
Monthly Payroll Package

  • Running and management of Payroll

    • This Includes commission, leave and bargaining councils

  • Preparation of Payroll and issuance of payslips

  • Annual IRP5/IT3(a) certificates

  • Monthly submission of EMP201

  • On-time submission of EMP501

  • Advice with payment of tax amount payable to SARS monthly/bi-annually

  • Completion and on-time submission of UI-19 return to the Department of Labour

  • Submission of COIDA to the Department of Labour

  • Assistance with account maintenance at SARS

  • Assistance with pay and tax structuring (by a Tax Lawyer)

  • Annual status report confirming services rendered.

Other Services

  • Payslip Only

  • EMP201 Payroll Return (Complete and Submit)

  • EMP201 Payroll Return (Calculate)

  • EMP501 Reconciliation (Electronic)

  • EMP501 Reconciliation (Manual Import)

  • Manual IRP5 / IT3(a) Certificate

  • UIF Return (UI19)

  • COIDA Return Of Earnings (Complete & Submit)

  • COIDA Return Of Earning (Calculate)

  • Tax Directive

  • Remuneration Structuring

  • Historic Payroll