To Supremacy and Beyond!

Because we have top of the market Business Technology, we are able to provide services better than ever! Our Business technology allows us to provide services quicker and more accurate without decreasing the quality of service you receive at the end.

Faster Service

Because of our top notch Business technology we can provide you with Faster services, so that you won't ever have to worry about deadlines being missed

More Affordable

Faster services means we do not have to charge you for unnecessary hours that we've spent handling your affairs. Meaning you get the best prices possible, for the same specialized services

Totally Integrated

Because of our amazing Business Technology our different departments are totally integrated, meaning that the services automatically gets transferred from one department to the other without any complications.

Client Portal

For your convenience, you will be able to access your service tickets any where any time, so that you can always be up to date on what's happening with your affairs.

Services we provide


Every company with employees, be it one or thousands, needs a compliant payroll.  To be compliant, you need to keep up-to-date with all the Payroll Tax laws and amendments.  Your payslips, monthly, bi-annual and annual SARS and Department of Labour declarations, payments and submissions must be processed correct and on time.  This will require payroll software, with large annual license fees, training and consultancy fees.

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Business Tax

As the old saying goes: “Nothing is certain in life, except death and taxes.” We add to this by saying that although it is certain just as you plan for the well being of your loved ones at death, let us help you effectively plan and efficiently structure your taxes, helping you to also look after the well being of your loved ones while you are still alive.

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Accountability takes more than just importing income and expense, and reconciling it all. Accountability is to understand what you record, to use the information in driving certain business decisions and stopping certain actions.

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Payroll and Systems Auditing

Our team of specialists, have assisted numerous Corporations by effectively Determining; Managing and Solving Payroll and Tax Benefit Risks - saving them millions of rand as a result.

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Company Secretarial (CIPC)

Our dedicated Company Secretarial team understands that your decision to register a company was not taken lightly, it is therefor why they are the best in what they do. They keep up to date with current legislative and CIPC regulations, they conduct research and utilize the latest technology in order to speed-up the process.

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Virtual Human Resources

Human Resources can be a difficult department especially when it comes to staying updated on all the latest relevant legislations. We here at the Supremacy Group take that stress away from our clients. Especially with our self service HR package, which allows you and your clients to stay updated on their own affairs.

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After taking the first huge step by registering your business, you need to think about what comes next. From Logo designing and building your brand to marketing your business online and generating leads. Don't just dream about an amazing future, create it!

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Business Technology Systems

As the future is becoming present, we in the Business world need to be up to date with where we are going. Technology is key, this is how we will all be able to do more work in less time, mitigating the amount of administration that takes too much time.  We implement systems that fits your needs and nature of Business. Helping you save time and money.

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Health and Safety

According to law every company with employees is obligated to have Health and Safety policies and procedures. We can help you stay compliant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993. If you want to know more about this act click on the button below.

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